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Combining live data and visual artistry

Returning to Mobile World Congress in 2018, we worked with 2LK and Moving Brands to create a live demonstration of how Intel’s 5G communications will transform how people do business and experience the world.

Building on the technology we developed in 2017, the Wondercube was a stunning combination of live data, visual artistry and #IoT connectivity, and was used as a centrepiece for their booth to showcase how Intel is working with other industry leaders to prototype and and deliver the first 5G products.

Technical Details

  • 8,448 x 2,112 resolution = 15,998,976 visible pixels (with screen cut-out for entering cube)
  • Up to 63,995,904 pixels ray-traced per frame for super-sampled anti-aliasing
  • 255.984 megabytes of final output generated per frame, equating to 15.359 gigabytes per second
  • Up to 111,720 visible pins
  • Real-time per-pixel shadowing and lighting with ambient occlusion, reflections, fogging and depth-of-field effects
  • Over 2000 lines of uncompiled shader code per ray-traced pixel
  • Targeting 60 frames per second
  • Featuring real-time reactive fluid simulation and composition of video, text and images into pins
  • Combining input from Lidar, Audio and multiple Intel RealSense D415 cameras
  • Powered by a single Nvidia Titan V GPU running on a single PC with water-cooled 12 core Intel i9-7920X CPU
  • Written using our custom low-level C++ interactive software engine