Bespoke interactive software made for museums, brand activations, shows and live events.

About Us

RenderHeads is an innovative software company that develops interactive experiences lead by high-end technology and beautiful graphics.

We have created installations for Amazon, Facebook, Nike, Ford, Nissan, Dell, Intel, PwC, Shell, Cisco, and others.

Whether it be educational games for a kid’s science museum in the Middle-East, real-time ray-traced reactive artworks for a live pop-up event in Europe, VR experiences for TV shows, or building development tools – we’re always excited to take on the next challenge.

Every day we use an assortment of tools, including Visual Studio, C#, C++, Unity, XCode, Blender, Shadertoy and Google Sheets.

Project installations have allowed our teams to travel to interesting places, including Barcelona, Las Vegas, Kuwait, Milan, Paris, California, Turkey, Orlando, Dubai, Berlin, Dublin, St Petersburg and Singapore.

All of the software we develop is unique, and our clients have high expectations. We work with some of the latest hardware and software technologies, and each project gives us a new opportunity to explore the edge of possibility.