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Visualising the power of 5G

Created in partnership with 2LK and Moving Brands, and spanning over 28 meters in length by some 7 meters over the floor space at Mobile World Congress 2017, the Wonderwall was the centrepiece of the Intel stand.

Ray-tracing up to nearly 71 million pixels per frame in real-time at 50 fps for super-sampled anti-aliasing, and displaying over 17 million pixels with real-time lighting, shadowing and ambient occlusion we gave the piece a stunning level of aesthetic.

Technical Details

  • 10,944 x 1,920 resolution = 17,657,856 visible pixels (with bottom-right screen cut-out)
  • Up to 70,631,424 pixels ray-traced per frame for super-sampled anti-aliasing
  • 282.526 megabytes of final output generated per frame, equating to 14.126 gigabytes per second
  • Up to 111,720 visible pins
  • Real-time per-pixel lighting, shadowing and ambient occlusion
  • Approximately 800 lines of uncompiled shader code per ray-traced pixel
  • Targeting 50 frames per second
  • Featuring real-time reactive fluid simulation and composition of video, text and images into pins
  • Combining input from Lidar and Audio
  • Powered by a single Nvidia Titan GPU running on a single PC with water-cooled hexacore Intel I7 CPU
  • Written using our custom low-level C++ interactive software engine