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Think Tour 2023 – Orlando, Frankfurt, Paris

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) targets are based on estimates, and tracking emissions through the value chain is notoriously difficult. Leaving 2030 sustainability goals hard to reach, and even harder to prove. IBM’s AI software suite helps to solve the ESG data measurement problems. Combining a 3D-printed cityscape with a reactive tabletop allowed for playful but informative engagement into a complex subject matter. The subsequent component required a web-hosted interactive platform to optimise outreach and inclusivity during the world tour.

Technical bullet points


  • Unity
  • Multi display output – 1x touch screen, 2x 4k display
  • 60fps
  • Standalone + web version


Web version

  • PixiJS
  • Google LIT
  • Google Firebase



  • RenderHeads – Software development
  • Make Associates – Digital Design, build & Fabrication
  • GPJ & 2LK – Lead agency
  • Accept & Proceed – Concept