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Faster Than Experience

We designed and built an interactive race experience that ran for three weeks at sites in Milan and Paris during UEFA Euro 2016.

More than 4000 visitors tested their mettle against virtual athletes, with their experience recorded and packaged into a custom digital takeaway so they could relive the experience at home, and share it with friends.

RenderHeads were involved in the software development, hardware specification and physical installations on-site.

We developed a system that used industrial laser sensors to measure the runners as they sprinted down the track, and created the visuals on the 20m LED wall which included 2 million reactive particles reacting to their movements.

Technical Details

  • Industrial LIDAR for measuring running performance
  • Ultrasonic beams to trigger race start and finish
  • LED wall with 2 million interactive particles displaced by runner
  • High-speed camera for slow motion segment
  • Automated video capture system

Takeaway videos were automatically shared with each participant.  Our system captured the event using high-speed cameras from FLIR Systems and composited it into our video rendering system based on Adobe After Effects.  The system then compressed the video and sent it to the cloud for sharing.

Technologies Used