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Intel RNB Lobby

Following the success of Wonderwall and Wondercube at Mobile World Congress 2017 and 2018, we were commisioned to create a permanent ‘pin wall’ installation for Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara, alongside 2LK and Moving Brands.

A real-time interactive piece lined one wall of the lobby, reacting with one of six bespoke modes as people walked past. A second custom solution was created for the ‘Skylight’ – a hemicube screen sat above the seating area – where special cube-mapped videos of the pin wall were created to match the live content.

Shortly after the inital install, Intel asked us to create a temporary Pride theme to match their events which ran for a couple of weeks.

Technical Details

  • Up to 111,720 visible pins
  • Real-time per-pixel shadowing and lighting with ambient occlusion, reflections, fogging and depth-of-field effects
  • Over 2000 lines of uncompiled shader code per ray-traced pixel
  • Targeting 60 frames per second
  • Featuring real-time reactive fluid simulation and composition of video, text and images into pins
  • Reading a live stitched RealSense feed over NDI
  • Custom cube-map video writing system for the Skylight (which currently only plays video)
  • Written using our custom low-level C++ interactive software engine