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Dodge lasers. Crack codes.

Spyscape is a new interactive museum created with the help of real former spies and intelligence agents, based in Midtown Manhattan. Visitors are immersed in a world full of espionage through storytelling, digital exhibitions, and custom experiences.

We created Special Ops where players must navigate a laser tunnel full of buttons, smoke, sounds, and lights, to test their agility and reactions under pressure. The player who hits the most illuminated buttons in the allotted time wins, with a public all-time leaderboard adding an extra incentive.

Technical Details

  • 4 independent tunnels
  • Each tunnel contains 198 buttons, 14 lasers, 14 light sensors, 3 cameras, 5 lights, multiple speakers and a haze machine all controlled via custom hardware controller software on a single PC
  • 4k display showing live tunnel camera footage and daily leaderboards
  • iPad application to allow monitoring and control of each tunnel
  • Written using our custom low-level C++ 3D graphics engine