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Real-time interactive canvas

Mobile World Congress 2022 was a landmark event, ushering in the opening of live events globally. Our ongoing partnership with 2LK brought about the development of a jaw dropping 25m real-time interactive canvas.

Datascape stretched the entire length of the stand, it utilised our RenderNode system which meant every visitor was able to interact and influence particle placement, velocity and dynamism. The canvas amplified every visitor’s movement, subtly tracking mapped spatial audio along each person’s journey. 

Datascape’s underlying engine serves multiple roles. At all times it outputs real-time content based on interactive events, whilst also acting as a beacon that allows broadcasting of key topics and tailored brand messages.

Technical Details

  • 8,448 x 1,760 resolution = 14,868,480 real-time pixels at 60FPS
  • Single PC with 2 x Nvidia 3090, distributing rendering and physics
  • Interaction, influence and bespoke messaging
  • Custom 8K Unity ‘Game’ view window (‘External Game View’ plugin – Link)
  • ‘RenderNode’ object tracking
    • 3 x overlapped RealSense depth cameras
  • ‘RenderScape’ content generation
    • Optimised GPU-based fluid simulation
    • Polygon and volumetric collison
    • Support for millions of particles
    • Customised Unity rendering pipeline for instanced and procedural shadowed particles
    • Depth of field, soft-shadowing, ambient occlusion, temporal anti-aliasing and HDR support


  • Creative Agency – 2LK
  • Software Development – RenderHeads
  • Technical Direction – RenderHeads
  • AV – iMag
  • Lighting – Static Light Company
  • Networking – Connect Live
  • Audio – Connect Live