AVPro DeckLink

BlackMagic DeckLink hardware support for Unity - broadcast video input and output



    *NEW* Stereo 3D support
    *NEW* DeckLink 8k Pro support
    *NEW* Unity 2018 support
    Free watermarked trial version available
    Broadcast standard video input and output
    Up to 8K video input and output
    Automatic video input mode detection
    Supports multiple inputs
    Low latency output
    Alpha channel output supported
    Internal and external keyer supported
    Audio input and output
    IMGUI and uGUI support
    Material mapping support
    High performance
    Easy to use
    Includes example scenes
    Include drag and drop components
    Unity 5.1 and above supported


    Unity 5.1 and above, Unity 2017.x, Unity 2018.x
    Windows XP and above (32-bit and 64-bit)



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