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For more than 10 years RenderHeads has specialised in developing beautiful, bespoke interactive software. Our work can be seen in permanent museum installations as well as trade shows, storefronts and product launches all over the world. Recently, we have grown to have offices both in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Besides software made to order, we also make and sell our own software – developer tools and video playback plugins for Unity.

Jobs at RenderHeads

We’re always looking for creative technical people to join our team. RenderHeads is an innovative software company that develops interactive experiences lead by high-end technology and beautiful graphics. We have created installations for Nike, Ford, Nissan, Dell, Intel, PwC, Shell, Cisco, and others. Our work also appears in the National Maritime Museum Greenwich, Museum of Science and Industry Manchester, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Science Museum Kuwait and Guiness Storehouse Ireland.

We create games for museums and brands, bespoke AR, VR and huge video wall experiences for shows, real-time visualisations for events and audio-visual products for developers and the broadcast industry. All of the software we develop is unique, and our clients have high expectations. We work with some of the latest hardware and software technologies, and each project gives us a new opportunity to explore the edge of possibility.

RenderHeads offer a flexible working opportunity with remote or in-office working. We have offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Glasgow, Scotland, and team members working remotely from around the world.

General Requirements

  • You must be able to show a history of making software, either by professional experience or personal projects
  • Pragmatic software development approach – we ship software frequently
  • Either very strong technical skills, or a mix of creative and technical skills
  • Good communication skills – most of our communication is online, via Slack/Skype/Hangouts and email/Google Docs

Positions Available

★ Video Software Developer

You would be developing in-house camera and video related software, including our AVPro series of Unity plugins, related to cross-platform video playback, streaming, capture and encoding

Required experience:

  • Strong C++
  • Multi-threaded programming

Ideal experience:

  • C# and Unity
  • AVFoundation / Media Foundation / DirectShow / libAV / ffmpeg / gstreamer
  • DeckLink / NDI SDK
  • Low-level MP4 / H.264 / H.265 / HEVC / HLS / DASH / RTSP / RTP
  • Shader development
  • Camera / broadcast experience
  • 360 video workflows
  • 360 audio technologies

★ Interactive Software Developer

You would be creating software for a wide variety of technically challenging and creative projects, and implementing cool interactive experiences using the latest technologies.

Features of our typical projects:

  • Most development is in Unity
  • Visualisation and effects
  • Educational games
  • VR experience development
  • Integration with cameras, sensors and hardware
  • UI and animation development

Required experience:

  • C# and Unity
  • SVN / Git

Ideal experience:

  • iOS / Android development
  • An interest in UI and UX
  • An interest in improving workflow / tools
  • Shadertoy and other graphics rendering tech
  • Ability to travel (for on-site installations)

★ Senior Software Developer

You would be overseeing the progress of the other developers in your team: making sure everyone is on track with the schedule, helping to instill good development practices, helping to grow everyone’s experience and skills.  You would tackle some of the more difficult programming problems and make sure that the final software is of high quality.  You would also help to scope and plan the approaches for new projects, working closely with the other senior members.

Required experience:

  • Many years in software development
  • Many projects/products released
  • Optimisation
  • Unity and C#

Ideal experience:

  • Graphics programming
  • An interest in improving workflow / tools (Jenkins, CI, Dev ops)

How to Apply

If you’re looking for a new opportunity to push the limits and create awesomeness, please read through the requirements and email us at jobs@renderheads.com. Send us your CV and links to showreel, past projects or code examples.


Shane Marks

Director (SA)

With a background in animation and visual effects, Shane started out as a technical artist with a passion for all things that cross the divide between the creative and technical. This passion led him to head up the South African Branch of RenderHeads. In his spare time he likes to play around with up-and-coming technology, like webGL.

Nathan Lance

Co-Founder & Director (UK)

With a degree in Computer Science and programming experience in the games industry, Nathan has a sharp eye for detail and a keen instinct for what will look and feel right. It is his personal mission to make all systems, procedures and workflows as simple and efficient as possible. Despite being a self-confessed geek, due to Nathan's easy going and sociable nature you wouldn't know it if you met him on the street.

Andrew Griffiths

Co-Founder & Director (UK)

Andrew started his passion for real-time graphics programming way back on the Commodore 64. He continued through to the PC where he spent many years as a professional games programmer, specialising in gameplay, tools, special effects, animation and 3D engine development. Andrew has a love of digital arts and is a proud and active member of the demo scene.