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Infosys Experience Centre

RenderHeads worked with Moving Brands to develop 5 interactives for this global IT company’s offices in Canary Wharf.

The purpose of the installation was to enhance their lobby area with some engaging exhibits to teach more about the company and to provide space for presentations, all controlled via a custom CMS.

Welcome Wall – Ticker text-type display welcoming guests by name as they enter the lobby

Who We Are Wall – Kinect-based interactive globe with hotspots providing videos and text on the company

Theme Wall – A row of touch-screens allowing selection of content that can then be swiped up to screens above for viewing

Case Study – Multiple stitched screens providing a single large video playback canvas

Video Kiosk – Web-cam kiosk where guests can leave feedback videos

Technical Details

  • 5 interactives
  • Multi-screen output from single PCs
  • Multi-point touch input
  • Kinect control
  • Custom video recording
  • Custom CMS controller
  • Written using our custom low-level C++ interactive software engine