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Saudi Aramco

Energy Science Centre

RenderHeads were engaged by Newangle to provide some of the more complex interactives as part of this 40+ exhibit installation at the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture in Saudi Arabia.

Ranging from single touch screen displays through to a 12-player, 24-screen game about the oil production process, the goal was to inspire 7 – 14 year olds to take an interest in science, technology and engineering.

Operation Centre – 12-player, 24-screen touch-screen game where players learn about production, refining and distribution of oil, with a separate iPod controller app

Dynamic Planet – iPod app to prompt staff narration

Our Energy Future – Touch-screen app where users view cards created in the Entertainment Lounge

Energy to the Kingdon (E2K) – Large networked quiz game with iPod controller app

Entertainment Lounge – Multi-user touch-screen app where users create cards and play quizes with separate iPod controller app

Technical Details

  • Multiple interactives and separate iPod controller apps
  • Heavily networked
  • Generative content
  • English and Arabic language support
  • Written using both Unity and our custom low-level C++ interactive software engine