Nokia Siemens Networks Experience Cloud

RenderHeads worked as technology partners with Moving Brands to create an innovative interactive installation which made it’s debut at Nokia World in Barcelona in late 2008. We worked closely with Moving Brands to realise their design and vision.

The Nokia Siemens Networks Experience Cloud allows you to explore content based on the movements of a disc, or ‘puck’. Each puck is printed with a unique marker, so each user is presented with a different set of content depending on the puck they have in their hand. Presenting a puck to the screen causes a ‘carousel’ of content to appear – a mixture of text, images, audio snippets, animated 3D models and videos arranged in a ring. Rotating the puck in your hand rotates the on-screen carousel so you can browse at will. The interaction feels fluid and responsive, and is extremely intuitive.








Technical Details

NSN Experience Cloud was written in C# using the .NET framework
We developed the graphics rendering engine using the XNA 2.0 framework
We used our own QuickTime .NET wrapper for multiple concurrent video to texture playback, and the BASS.NET library to create a custom multi-channel panning audio system
Marker interaction was built around the ARToolKitPlus 2.1.1 library, which is available under the GPL
We developed a seperate CMS application for Moving Brands to be able to integrate and control their own content quickly and easily
We used the universal FBX model format for all 3D models, with support for hierarchical animation. All the software was prototyped, designed and written within six weeks
Three weeks were spent working from our offices, three were spent with Moving Brands for initial planning and final prototyping.

Technologies Used

  • C# .NET
  • Windows
  • Direct X