Nissan Leaf Augmented Reality

2010 Interactive Installation

RenderHeads worked with Kin to create an innovative interactive installation for the Nissan Innovation Station at the O2 Arena in London. We worked closely with Kin to realise their design and vision.

This interactive allowed the user to explore the sonic aspects of the Nissan Leaf experience. Using augmented reality the user can control the car with their hands and drive it on an infinite road. Tilting controls the speed and direction of the car and the engine audio is dynamically adjusted based on the speed of the car. The engine sound is initially created by the user by mixing existing sound effects. The environment reacts to the audio as the car is manipulated allowing the user to be immersed in the experience.




Technical Details

The Nissan Leaf AR project was created with the help of Unity3D all scripts were written in C#.
C++ plug-ins were created for the webcam feed, AR tracking, audio playback with pitch control and for communication with the Flash application.
Our application had to integrate into an existing Flash movie which allowed the user to customise the Leaf engine audio. We used sockets to communicate with the flash application and control each application fading on and off the screen and switching focus.
Custom shaders were created for the car reflection and shading.
A motion blur shader was created for the car wheels and the road surface.

Technologies Used

  • C# .NET
  • Unity