Museum of Science and Industry Video Wall

2010 Permanent Installation

As part of the redesign of the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), Kin contracted RenderHeads to create the software to drive their new video wall installation.

We were involved in software development for the wall itself, multiple back end processes, and hardware specification.


Video courtesy of Kin. Video Wall sequences at 00:50 and 3:12.

Video courtesy of MOSI.




Technical Details

Built from 52 LCD monitors, this is the largest permanent video wall in the UK.
The 5 monitors run from an AMD EyeFinity graphics card in a 5x1L (landscape) configuration.
Most code written in C# using the .NET framework and SlimDX.
Video playback code written in C++ via our custom GPU optimised DirectShow-based system.
Total resolution of our application is 7680x1080.
Uses AMD Eyefinity graphics cards.
The wall has a playlist driven by a database and runs in various modes: 7680x1080 video playback, voxpop mode displays photos of all the museum users and picks a random comment video to play, presentation mode displays information about upcoming exhibits.
Application is optimised to provide totally smooth playback as it streams in new content in the background.

Technologies Used

  • Windows
  • C# .NET
  • Direct X
  • AMD Eyefinity
  • Visual Studio
  • SlimDX