IDIOT-ERROR (Prototype)

We set a goal for ourselves to research the Kinect2 and Unity’s UNet system. We decided to do an internal game jam and marry the two opportunities into a single experience with the end product being an entry into the popup arcade, Super Friendship Arcade.

Is your anti-virus strong enough to withstand your stupidity?

Two games make up this experimental transgaming experience
1: A pose matching game where the player tries to match a series of poses as quickly as possible using the Kinect2.
2: A multiplayer top down shooter.

Both games take place in a simulated PC environment. The Kinect player being the internet n00b, who needs to click through as many virus riddled popups as possible while the shooter players are the system’s antivirus trying to kill as many viruses as they can.

Download link



Technologies Used

  • Unity
  • Kinect