Moving Brands AR Book Cover


RenderHeads worked as technology partners with Moving Brands to help them create an augmented reality web interface, which formed part of the release of Moving Brand’s Living Identity paper.

They believe that branding shouldn’t stand still; that a brand should be as dynamic as the world around it. This is the core message of their new ‘Living Identity’ paper, a small book launched during the 2009 London Design Festival. As well as serving as the display, the cover of the book is also a means of navigating the content. Rotating the cover selects between their Flickr, blog, Vimeo and Twitter feeds.

Visiting the Moving Brands Living Identity blog to experience the application for yourself.


Technical Details

AR Book Cover was written in ActionScript 3.0 using the Adobe Flex Builder 3 IDE
For marker interaction we used the FLARToolKit library as well as FLARManager
We used Papervision 3D for the rendering engine
We used the BulkLoader library to help us load our content files
We created our own FeedRipper module to pull live content from different social media websites into the application
All the software was prototyped, designed and written within three weeks, working remotely.