Vertex Chameleon

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*Vertex Chameleon is now Open Source*

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Vertex Chameleon is the ultimate vertex colour toolset for Autodesk Maya!

Vertex colours are heavily used in gaming platforms such as Nintendo Wii & DS, Sony PSP & Playstation 2, internet and mobile phone games. Even next-gen platforms such as PC, Xbox360 and PS3 use vertex colours to help improve performance, add extra detail and save vital memory.

Vertex Chameleon gives you complete control, real-time feedback and a wealth of functionality, resulting in increased productivity and better results.

Please feel free to download the plugin below and give it a spin, or watch some of the videos below.


When prompted, use the following license key: user license)-RenderHeads-RenderHeads-Vertex Chameleon 1.x-702S-6600-6C22-4861-702S-6600-4K22-4861-0N66-4R0G-546U-5N6X






    Designed to give rapid visual feedback
    Photoshop-style layers (in Maya 7.0 and above)
    Photoshop-style blend modes
    Gradient tool
    Colour swatches
    Colour inspector tool
    Integrated ambient occlusion, lighting and texture baking shortcuts
    Adjust Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta
    Adjust Hue, Saturation, Value
    Brightness & Contast
    Blur / Sharpen
    Erode / Dilate
    Channel inverter
    Channel clamp
    Component randomise
    3D texture sampling
    Normals 2 Colour