HAP For Direct Show

Fast GPU Friendly Video Codec for Windows

Hap is a modern video codec designed for high playback performance and low CPU utilisation.

Hap was originally developed as an open source project by Tom Butterworth for VidVox who create the professional VJ package VDMX. His Hap QuickTime plugin allows VJs and other visual artists to perform in real-time on consumer level hardware using multiple layers of high resolution videos without dropping frames.

As developers of interactive visual software we found the Hap codec invaluable and created this port for DirectShow compatible applications, allowing us to integrate Hap easily into our development pipeline. In the spirit of Haps open-source release we have done the same and hope other developers can also benefit from this release.

For more information about Hap please visit the original Hap blog post.


    Very fast Decompression*
    Supports transparency
    Supports 32-bit and 64-bit software
    Unity plugin available
    *for software to support the fast decompression path it must add native Hap support.


    Microsoft Windows 95 and above
    GPU supporting OpenGL 1.2 or DirectX9 and above


    Latest release: v1.0.10 - 25 Jan 2015


Unity Support

Our video playback plugins AVPro QuickTime and AVPro Windows Media both have native Hap support.