AVPro Windows Media™

AVPro Windows Media is a plugin for Unity that delivers fast, smooth, high quality HD playback of all supported DirectShow™ media.

The plugin is aimed at the high-end user group that require video playback features beyond Unity’s built-in video support.


  • Interactive installations
  • Serious games
  • Scientific Research
  • Simulation and Training
  • Kiosks
  • Video apps





    *NEW* Unity 4.6 and Unity 5.1 support
    Both 32 and 64-bit friendly.
    Free watermarked trial version available.
    Years of professional use in the field.
    Fast native Direct3D9, Direct3D11 and OpenGL texture updates.
    Fastrame accurate seeking and scrubbing.
    Supports video transparency.
    Native Hap codec support (no plugin needed).
    Play videos from disk or from memory.
    Supports internal clips.
    Apply videos to materials and meshes
    7.1 audio channel mixer.
    AV sync offset control.
    Unity 4.6 uGUI support.
    NGUI support.
    Easy to use drag 'n drop components.


    Unity Pro 4.1 - 5.1
    Microsoft Windows XP and above (32 and 64bit)


    The demo includes 5 mini demos using the plugin: frame extration demo, basic video player demo, playlist demo, multi-video player, 3D mapping demo.


AVPro Windows Media comes with full documentation which is also available online: PDF

Participate in the development of this plugin at the Unity Forums page.

You can email us directly at unitysupport@renderheads.com