AVPro Movie Capture

Professional Audio Visual Plugin for Unity

AVPro Movie Capture is a plugin that allows advanced capturing and rendering from Unity directly to disk as an AVI/MP4 file.





    *New* Unity 2017 support
    *New* Omni-directional Stereo rendering support
    Very easy to use
    Optimise for high performance
    Real-time capture and offline rendering
    Rendering to 8K resolution
    Works in the editor and also in standalone builds
    Use any video codec you want
    Equi-rectangular capture for 360 degree VR (mono and stereo)
    Omni-directional stereo (ODS) support for VR renders
    Motion blur rendering
    Linear and Gamma colour-spaces supported
    Can capture alpha channel for creating transparent videos
    Records audio directly from Unity or from a Windows recording device
    Free version which allows up to 10 seconds per capture


    Unity 2017.x
    Unity Personal 5.x
    Unity Pro 4.6
    Microsoft Windows XP and above (32 and 64bit)
    Codecs for any video formats you want to record to


    Download Windows demo build (contains mini demos that demonstrate capturing from the entire screen, a specific camera, 360 stereo surround, a dynamic texture and a webcam texture. We recommend installing the fast and lossless Lagarith codec)


Download the PDF documentation

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You can email us directly at unitysupport@renderheads.com