Sunrise VR Game Jam

This month we took on a new developer, Sunrise Wang. To welcome him into the company we took some time off and did a game jam. It’s a VR game where you play as the sun and through manipulating the climates of the planets orbiting you, create environments conducive to life growth. There are 4 […]

RHSA 2D liquid R&D

As a quick programming exercise for the RHSA team, we implemented a ripple shader inside of unity using  the “ping pong” buffer technique.  The shader is based off the work of bantherewind The technique involves reading from one buffer texture, while writing to another, then reversing the order of the buffers. The one previously written […]

VR Game Jam 2015!

Welcome Tooooo The RenderHeads South Afrikakakaka August 2015 JAM!JAM! JAM! JAM! Having moved into our new offices and recently getting Muano on board the RenderHeads Team, the 4 of us decided to have our own game jam as a team building exercise. We gave ourselves 2 work days to concept and complete a game. Nathan developed our brief […]

Moving Up (Stairs)

The cape Town RenderHeads crew moved into their new offices today. Cape Town Office, the coworking spaces company that hosts RenderHeads opened up their 3rd Floor and we were the first to move in. It comes with bigger desks, faster internet, arcade machines and a window view.

Previous Accolades

November 2010 – BIMA (British Interactive Media Awards) Project: Shell Pearl GTL Augmented Reality Team: Imagination, RenderHeads Client: Shell The Shell Pearl GTL AR experience wins “Property Construction and Engineering” category at the British Interactive Media Awards.   September 2007 – Event Awards Project: Ford VJ MediaStation Team: Imagination, RenderHeads, Digital Antics Client: Ford The […]